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know this is RAMAZAN period in maldievs, from very long time ago we have this RAMAZAN period in maldives. we are always ready for RAMAZAN period this is a pray. all Islamic countries they will do fasting. fasting will start before morning prayer its 4:45 AM we will finish fasting with another prayer time its 6:20 PM. if you think abut this its really long yeah for us this is not long because every time we do fasting. for my self i do my job and taking time with that. some people they play different games, play cards there are so many kind of games they use to play in thi period an will spend there time. also most of many people will go to bike ride around MALE. male is a very small place. around male in a motobike you can go with in 20 min. its really small. if you come to maldives in this period you will see what people do. also there is very important thing most of the people they will get angry very easily. an some people will enjoy.  have to be careful when u talk to them. hehehe :)until today its 17 days we have already finish still we have abut 14  days. it will be really easy. every day when the 6:20 PM prayer starts people will be so quite u will not hear any sound just peacefully they will have there break fast.

i asked to one of my JPN friend who work in airport abut RAMAZAN i asked him to stay only one day with uout eating and drinking any thing. he give up very soon he told me he will die if he try to stay like that…. that is the way he think ! we are living !!!! :D

hope you will try this one in your life….

faya ~ warm regards :)

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